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Tips for NFL Betting

The NFL is the largest and most successful sports league in the United States, and is possibly the most profitable professional sports league in the world. While the sport of American Football is not played all over the world, it still has a huge international audience that watches the games each week. While playing football Continue Reading


In 1986, Securus Technologies, one of the American for-profit prison Technology Company, kick-started its operation in Dallas, Texas. The company later expanded its branches to Allen, Texas, Atlanta, Georgia and Carrollton. Texas was the primary location of Securus Technologies’ regional offices. Securus Technologies employs more than 1,000 people, and it is known to have networked Continue Reading

IAP Worldwide Signs A New Restructuring Agreement (RSA) With Lenders

Following fruitful discussions between the IAP Worldwide Services and a majority of equity representatives and owners of the company’s lender groups, the company has announced a new restructuring support agreement. With the new restructuring support agreement, the company will effectively improve its liquidity, enhance its long-term competitive position, recapitalize its balance sheet, advance its service Continue Reading

Securus Technology Press Release about Global Tel Link (GTL) Misconduct

Securus Technology is a market leader in the provision of civil and criminal justice technology solutions headquartered in Dallas, Texas, serving over 3,450 public safety. Securus is committed to helping law enforcers, correction agencies, and inmates across Northern America. It is charged with the responsibility of carrying out the investigation, providing emergency response, managing information, Continue Reading

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